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Saint Elizabeth Seton School – Our Blessings and Blessing Others

Students at Saint Elizabeth Seton School gather canned goods for various charities.


For the month of November, Saint Elizabeth Seton School students participate in the construction of a large school Blessing Tree.

Each student decorates a single leaf and writes what they feel most grateful for upon it. The leaves are added to a beautiful bulletin board and the tree gradually emerges. We like to give our students time to reflect on their many blessings and to come with something that they feel most blessed for at this particular time of year. Faculty and staff get to join in too!

There’s always a full array of blessings that range from the love of family (especially baby siblings), friendships, Jesus’ love, pet animals and more. Throughout the month of November this Blessing Tree, prominently placed in our school hallway, gives us all daily reminders of just how blessed we are.

Our School Novena begins on December 1. For 9 days we collect different items to support efforts in our local community, primarily supporting Saint Vincent de Paul, Saint Anthony’s of Padua Dining Room, the Ecumenical Hunger Program and Lytton Gardens Assisted Living. Canned foods, pasta, potatoes, rice and beans, coins, soap/shower supplies, scarves and hats, pet supplies and cards for the homebound are  collected each day.