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Red Ribbon Week at Holy Family School

Students at Holy Family School celebrate Red Ribbon Week.

Drug free, that’s me! The Student Council at Holy Family School organized the Red Ribbon week activities and created different opportunities for the school community to learn more about making good choices. Red Ribbon Week is a time where students receive additional education regarding the dangers of cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs and the benefits of choosing to live a healthy life.

Holy Family School kicked off Red Ribbon week at Morning Prayer, where each class shared a cheer and created a poster demonstrating their pledge to be drug free. “Don’t buy drugs, just give hugs!” was amongst the many clever cheers recited.

Another day students from each class planted red and white flowers to remind them of the promise they made to continue making good choices throughout their lives. Our middle school students attended an assembly hosted by the Wellness Services Department of Asian Americans for Community Involvement. Students were able to hear stories, learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and role-play how to avoid giving in to peer pressure.

At the conclusion of the week, students were invited to wear red shirts to show support and commitment of all they had learned. After all, the students acknowledge, “Drugs aren’t funny, they’re a waste of money!”