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Holy Spirit Halloween Festival Helps San Jose Family Shelter


Every superhero and fairy princess was represented this year at the annual Holy Spirit School Halloween Parade and Carnival. Every teacher and staff member joined the fun too and dressed as bumblebees, Toy Story characters and every planet in the solar system.

The Student Council began the festivities by ushering the kindergarteners into a line that would snake through each courtyard and classroom. They gathered students as they went so that by the time the 8th graders had joined the line, every zombie, ballerina, monster and pirate had been high-fived by every other student on campus. It’s a special tradition that ends with carnival games and treats for the whole family.

Not only fun, the Halloween Carnival is one of Holy Spirit School’s most popular Community Outreach projects. Whole families fill the campus to see and be seen, for fellowship and camaraderie and to help a good cause. This year, booth ticket sales raised a little more than $2,000. The Student Council made a generous donation to the San Jose Family Shelter and had funds left over to use at their school rallies and dances.

We are grateful to every teacher who planned a booth activity, parent who baked for the cakewalk, middle-school student who served cups of “mud” and the countless volunteers who make our community so special each and every day.