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Bishop McGrath Visits Sacred Heart School

Bishop McGrath talks to students during his visit to Sacred Heart School.

Sacred Heart School in Saratoga welcomed Bishop McGrath to the school on October 13. Although his visit was a short one, he left a memorable and indelible impression on everyone.

The day of the Bishop’s visit started with our regular Thursday morning Mass. Bishop McGrath presided, assisted by our Pastor Father Gary Thomas and Parochial Vicar Father Robert McKay. At mass, the Bishop was presented with a framed drawing created by 8th grader Emma Gatlin. After Mass, our principal, Mr. Pulchny escorted Bishop McGrath to a special assembly that the Student Council had prepared in the gym. Student Council led the students in prayer and the Pre-K and Kindergarten students sang a special song. Then, students from each grade asked Bishop McGrath many thoughtful prepared questions. Bishop McGrath enjoyed the questions and shared wonderful stories with everyone. He gave some very detailed responses that helped the students better understand the activities and life of a bishop. The final question came from a Kindergartener who asked, “Bishop McGrath, can you give us a day off of school?” The Bishop said “Yes” to a great roar of approval.

Later, the Bishop visited each classroom and talked with the students. He said that he loves to get out of the office and into the schools as much as possible. We are looking forward to welcoming him to the school again very soon. Thank you, Bishop McGrath, for visiting us–it was the high point of our school year so far!