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Saint Elizabeth Seton School Staff, Faculty and 8th Grade Relish their time at Retreats


At Saint Elizabeth Seton School we value time allotted for retreats. A full staff and faculty retreat earlier this year on our Seton Provincialate grounds was a great way to start the new school year. We welcomed new staff members, connected as a team and had a full day to refresh spiritually in preparation for new responsibilities and challenges that may lie ahead. We were reminded that our daily interactions with others, students and staff alike, has a meaningful and lasting impact, and that we must always strive to do all that we do with love.

This year’s retreat was led by our very enthusiastic retreat leader Paula Pardini. We relish this time away from everyday normal activities for reflection, to let God work in our lives, strengthen relationships, forgive injustices and develop a sense of humility to help us serve others with a greater passion. Paula planned team building activities, provided passages for spiritual reflection and discussion, brought many reminders throughout the day of how great our God is, and we took time to share ideas that may perhaps serve our community better. The day ended with a fun game for all … it was interesting to see how many Seton teachers love a challenge and really have a desire to be on the winning team.

Our 8th grade students, with their room teacher Ms. Robison, recently returned from a five-day outdoor education experience at the CYO-Caritas Creek Environmental Education Program in Occidental. A wonderful time away from all distractions was provided to explore God’s beautiful creation and provide time for the students to learn in this outdoor school. They explored the natural wonders at camp, participated in a variety of activities and reflected on how God works through the people and relationships they have in their lives. This was a life-changing experience for our 8th graders. Our Principal Ms. Rosa and Vice-Principal Ms. Maguire joined the class for an overnight stay, too. Thank you to Paula Pardini, the Caritas Creek team and Ms. Robison for supporting Seton’s 8th grade class.