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Drexel School System Secures Another $5 Million in Tuition Assistance, Seeks Outreach Efforts to Engage New Families


What if every child in the Diocese of San Jose had access to an academically rigorous, authentically Catholic elementary and middle school education? What if families didn’t need to be concerned about affording more tuition than was manageable for their family situation and what if every child was engaged in learning by teachers who were highly qualified and deeply committed to Catholic education?

The Drexel School System in the Diocese of San Jose is making this possible.


The Drexel School System is a new model of governance that systemically empowers Catholic schools to provide robust, cutting edge education to all neighborhood students. In the Drexel School System, all schools are committed to Blended Learning, using data to drive instruction and station rotation to ensure that every student is receiving the personalized care and attention necessary to support authentic learning. When the system was first initiated in the Diocese of San Jose, the Drexel School System determined that math would be an essential area of focus, committing to ensuring that all Drexel schools would provide an unparalleled math education to students. Integrated services and increased instructional minutes supported this initiative, and to date the Drexel Schools have become one of the highest performing districts in the nation, averaging in the top 17% of national math performance on the Renaissance STAR Assessment.

Beyond an outstanding education, the Drexel School System is committed to making Catholic education accessible, securing over $5 million in the past year directed specifically for tuition assistance for qualifying families. “Our biggest challenge now that we have secured the necessary funding is to find effective ways of sharing with our local communities that tuition should not be barrier for families seeking Catholic education,” remarked Dr. Tara Rolle, the Assistant Superintendent for the Drexel Schools. “Families who show up and complete the paperwork will receive the scholarship dollars necessary to make a Drexel education possible.”

In a time where education is universally acknowledged as one of the most important contributing factors to future success for children, the Drexel School System has transformed the landscape, offering outstanding Catholic education that is accessible for all families. “We know how many seats we have available in our schools and we have the money to fund filling each of them with a deserving student,” reflected Rolle. Families are encouraged to visit the Drexel School System website, drexel.dsj.org to learn more about the Drexel initiative and to locate a Drexel School for attendance.