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• The Catholic Voting Dilemma


By now, we have answered Fr. Coleman’s question “Can a Catholic Vote for a Democrat?” Either we are in grave moral danger, or we’ve just elected our first woman President in. The latter could only have been achieved by Catholics voting with informed, faith-filled consciences.

It was sad to read Fr. Coleman’s anecdotes of priests and bishops stating there was one “most severely flawed action” more intrinsically evil than all others – abortion and that it must dictate how we vote. A careful reading of the Bishop’s document, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship demonstrates this is false. The document (# 42) states “As Catholics, we are not single issue voters.” and cites racism as a disqualifying intrinsic evil.

Currently, Faithful Citizenship is outdated and has not had a thorough review in years. The Bishops continuously emphasize abortion but fail to adequately address racism, violence, immigration and poverty. They totally ignore candidate competence and fitness. Prelates would do well to heed Pope Francis who admonishes them “to give just freedom to laypeople …. overcoming the temptation to manipulate or infantilize them.” Going forward new church guidance must recognize that voters are bound by informed, faith-filled consciences.

Stan Fitzgerald
San Jose