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JOB: The Now Testament


Why do bad things happen to good people? It’s part of God’s plan. But is it? How could a just God have a plan that requires death and destruction? This age old question is the subject of the book of Job from the Hebrew Bible. The problem of suffering is continually in view, and God’s relation to human suffering appears always the pressing question. In Job, these questions find a happy answer: God loves us and is there, even in our suffering.

“JOB: The Now Testament” is a musical production by singer and composer John Angotti. In this production, we find a modern day Job who lives in a society that is looking for the truth about humanity and divinity. It reveals how we fill our lives up with stuff in order to make us feel better but in reality we are just avoiding the deeper question to the source of our pain. Joseph, the main character, laments, “how could a just God let innocent people suffer?” In a dream sequence Joseph becomes Job and all of the people in his life become the characters in the Job story.

The plight of those experiencing homelessness in today’s world is so very much like Job. We do not know their stories; we do not know how they arrived in such a bad situation. Maybe it was bad choices, maybe it was mental illness gone untreated, maybe it was just pure bad luck. Whatever the reason, they like Job, find themselves suffering and yet we know that God loves them in their suffering.

Last winter, the threat of the impending El Niño storms to the more than 4,000 people experiencing homelessness in San Jose enabled many faith-based communities to work with the City of San Jose to open their communities as shelter and care. The faith based communities themselves were profoundly effected by this experience. The people they served became closely tied to many in the communities. They came to know them, their stories, and their struggles, they came to know each other as family, as guests in their churches and parking lots.

Our ministry to those experiencing homelessness is simply one thing: to love. When we love, we treat that person as an equal. It is not trying to bring about a cure. We learn through their story that they are no different from us. If there is going to be a cure, it will probably the cure of our hearts, the cure from selfishness, the cure from complacency, the cure from taking things for granted, the cure from being so self-centered in our own lives. If there is going to be any change, it is going to be because we love them, because we care for them, because we allow God into our hearts and to work through us.

The story of Job is not about cure; but rather about love. We come to love our brothers and sisters. We share and recognize that we are all one. One human race no matter what creed; no matter what race; no matter what ethnicity.

Join us for wonderful evenings of musical performance November 11-13 at Archbishop Mitty High School and help us help raise awareness and funds for our friends who are experiencing homelessness in our community.

Visit www.holyspiritchurch.org to purchase tickets for any of these three performances.