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How You Can Be the Life-Affirming Hands and Feet of Christ?


From Real Options

As we celebrate Respect Life Month it is a good time to consider how we might respond when a woman is facing an unplanned pregnancy. How do we respect and support her?  What part can we play to honor the gift of life God granted her? Many want to help but struggle putting our best intentions into practice because we don’t know what to say or do.  Here are practical ways to walk alongside your daughter, sister, neighbor, etc.

1. Listen and Provide Understanding
If a woman finds herself pregnant and considering abortion, much is on her mind. Typically, others have pressured her on both sides, or maybe you’re the first person she has told. Either way, what she needs most at this point is someone maintaining eye contact, listening quietly, and truly understanding. Listen to her feelings, thoughts, emotions, and motives. Ask her about her concerns, what life would look like with identified options. Hug her and tell her you’re here for her no matter what. Be someone she can process with, who truly cares, really listens, and understands her perspective and situation.

2. Show Compassion
Empathize with her by putting yourself in her place, realizing what she is going through and the struggles she is facing with this decision. She may believe she has no choice but abortion, she may feel stuck, alone, hurt, or abandoned. Feel compassion for her and convey your hurt with her.

3. Be Honest
Being honest is equally important. If a woman considering abortion comes to you and asks for feedback, share honestly. Be gentle and kind as you tell her what abortion is, and how her baby is growing inside her. Reiterate that God loves her, is sufficient and will see her through this time.  Offer to go to an appointment with her at a life-affirming clinic, like RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics, where she can receive free medical care, such as pregnancy testing, ultrasound imaging, pre-natal care, material and emotional support, and abortion-pill reversal treatment.

4. Love her well, pray for her, and see more than just her baby
A woman who feels heard, understood, and supported can make an informed choice. When we love the whole woman, provide her with accurate information, and give ongoing care, she typically chooses life when we first focus on her. Make sure to continue praying for her.

5. Follow up
No matter the choice, be sure to help her understand there are resources and help.

If she decides to parent or make a loving adoption plan for her baby, bring her meals and visit.  Walk alongside her. If she needs healing from an abortion extend mercy and refer her to a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat. Each choice brings life changes, and individuals need to be able to depend on those in whom they have confided. By being the hands and feet of Christ you can change her life, outlook, and strengthen her faith in God.

In Luke 10:25-37, the Good Samaritan reminds us that if we are going to truly love people we must be willing to get involved in their lives.  Caring for people in a genuine and meaningful way means sacrifice.  Sacrificing our comfort to reach out and help someone in a fragile situation, sacrificing our time and money to provide resources, and extending ourselves beyond what is customary to help someone feel love, support, and security can be a matter of life or death.

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