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Bishop McGrath to Honor Young Disciples in Diocese


On November 10, Monsignor Francis Cilia, representing Bishop Patrick J. McGrath will award the youth of the parishes and high schools for distinguished faith at the 2nd Annual Saints in the City Banquet. The banquet will be hosted by the Diocesan Offices of Youth and Young Adult, Hispanic Apostolate and Vocations at Saint Lawrence the Martyr Parish. These high school-aged youth have been chosen by their pastors, youth ministers, campus ministers, and principals. The honorees have shown significant evidence and leadership in their discipleship in Jesus Christ in our parishes and Catholic high schools. They are an example for their peers and communities in following the Lord Jesus in Christian virtue, prayer, knowledge of the faith, evangelization and service.

The class of 2016 Saints in the City include young people notable for their love of Jesus in the Eucharist, their love of Jesus in the poor, their love of Jesus in their peers, their love of Jesus in personal prayer. They lead retreats, connect with marginalized youth, serve the poor in mission in Nicaragua, tend to the peripheries of the County of Santa Clara, teach the young and are models for the seasoned parishioner.

The annual Saints in the City banquet coincides with the National Vocations Awareness Week, an annual time in the American Catholic Church to pray and raise awareness of the calling of Jesus Christ to priesthood and religious life. The banquet highlights the important fact that all vocations (marriage, holy orders, religious life, consecrated single life) come from a living encounter with Jesus Christ The primary vocation is the calling of Jesus Christ to follow him and be filled with the Holy Spirit to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:20). Accompanying these honored youth will be those responsible for their growth in Christian faith: their parents, grandparents, siblings, peers, principals, youth/campus ministers, and pastors/chaplains.

Vocations to holiness do not grow in vacuums but rather in the midst of vibrant communities of disciples all seeking deeper faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. These are families, youth groups, campus ministries, and parish groups.

The Saints in the City Keynote Address will be given by Michele Borba, a globally recognized educator, best-selling author on parenting and a practicing Catholic. Ms. Borba’s keynote will be addressed to parents and teens and practical steps on they might connect through effective communication. Christian faith is shared when parents and teens can connect on a personal level which is often strained during the teenage years.

Like last year, the Saints in the City Keynote Address is open and free to the public. In particular, parents and grandparents who would like to learn how to connect with teens are invited.

Likewise, teens who find it hard to connect with their parents are also invited. The event will be held in Saint Lawrence Church (1971 St Lawrence Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95051).

More information on the annual Saints in the City event can be found at www.dsj.org/beasaint. Questions can be directed to Vocations Coordinator, Cecilia Kohlrust at ckohlrust@dsj.org.