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Saint Lucy Junior High Electives Focus on Critical and Creative Thinking


Saint Lucy Junior High students continue to take advantage of their diverse electives program. The electives classes are led by Junior High faculty members, and are designed to allow for deeper exploration of areas of interest to the students. 6th, 7th and 8th graders work together during electives. They choose one elective each trimester from the following:

Art Exploration, Physical Education, Comic Creations, Mighty Meditators, The Number Devil-A Mathematical Adventure, Do You Speak Scratch Coding? and Strategic Puzzles and Games.

The Comic Creations elective gives students the opportunity to create and write their own comic strip featuring the characters developed from their imagination. The Number Devil explores 12 adventures of a boy named Robert with many drawings and illustrations that display logic and math. Mighty Meditators teaches the purpose of meditating and the different ways one can meditate. Students then take what they have learned and will create their own digital meditation tool that they can use or share with others. In Do You Speak Scratch? students learn and utilize a coding program called Scratch with easy drag-and-drop instruction blocks to create their own interactive story, game, or animations. The Strategic Puzzles and Games elective teaches students the strategies that can be used to solve logic problems and puzzles like Sudoku and Kakuro and strategy games such as Stratego, Mancala and Cribbage.

Math teacher Dan Kropp adds, “Strategic logical problem-solving skills assist students to be able to analyze and evaluate various situations. This helps students to become more broad and adventurous thinkers who are able to generate innovative solutions to problems.”