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Saint Elizabeth Seton School, Palo Alto


New Student Council to lead the way!

What a great start to the school year! A joyful school Mass with Father Matt Stanley, a welcoming of new students and teachers, and a delightful blessing for all our new student council members. These students were elected at the end of the last school year and they will now be tasked with key responsibilities throughout this school year. At Saint Elizabeth Seton School we recognize the importance of having a student body to model good behavior, to display a strong work ethic to maintain a good academic standing, and to clearly demonstrate school expectations to all throughout the year. Each week this council plans and runs our meaningful and spiritual school assemblies that include prayer, the celebration of a saint and/or feast days, school news updates and a unique wrap up with a fun and motivational video – a great way to jump start the day. Other activities include organizing and helping at all school events; dances, festivals, fundraisers and graduations. The building of an amazing haunted house is always a highlight for everyone, participating in a joyful Saint Nicholas Day celebration, and more importantly coordinating community thank yous and many service projects throughout the school year.