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Prevention and Early Intervention Lifts Family Out of Homelessness


Taylor and his family looked forward to new beginnings. His father just bought a house for their family of five, with a baby on the way in a few months. But after his father lost his job, Taylor and his family were on edge. They began to dip into their savings to pay the bills and hired a lawyer who promised to help keep their home. Later, when Taylor and his family lost their new home, they discovered that the lawyer never submitted any paperwork on their behalf.

At 10 years old, Taylor was homeless. Day by day, he and his family would rent a hotel room to stay together, but costs became too high to afford. With his mother six months pregnant, his father was the only source of income. Food, clothes, and rent expenses were a constant source of stress for the family. Taylor and his siblings struggled to do well in school. Their mother couldn’t take them to the library to do homework without a car, and bus tickets required time and money they didn’t have. As his academic performance slipped, Taylor and his family began to receive the help they needed through Catholic Charities’ Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) program.

PEI supports families with community resources for basic needs, such as food, clothing, and housing. The PEI program connected Taylor’s parents with affordable housing options and they found a home through one of those referrals. Taylor’s parents wrote requests to their lawyer for an update of their case with the coaching of PEI staff. With no response, PEI assisted in filing a complaint against their lawyer for malpractice and fraud. As a result, the California State Bar took disciplinary action and removed his license to practice law in California.

Now the family has a roof over their heads. Taylor and his siblings take turns on a donated computer to do homework. With donations of supplies for the baby and school supplies for the coming year, Taylor and his family are once again looking forward to new beginnings.

In addition to case management, PEI also provides individual and family therapy, and counseling. To learn more, please contact Francisco Hernández, Family Partner of PEI-Franklin McKinley School District, at fhernandez@catholiccharitiesscc.org.