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• Call for Civil Discourse


The principles set forth in the Bishop’s Election 2016 message published in September 20 issue of The Valley Catholic remind us of our personal responsibility to be informed and consider our choices in light of Catholic teaching regarding abortion, poverty, capital punishment, care for the environment, assisted suicide and immigration. We must weigh our choices in light of the common good recognizing that no political platform lines up consistently with Church teaching. Each of us must take this choice to prayer, cast our vote conscientiously, and trust that our fellow Catholic voters are doing the same, even when their choices differ from our own.

The commentary by Bishop McElroy called for those who serve in government must be willing to serve the greater of good of humanity, including those who lack the means to contribute large sums of money to their financial campaigns. This Presidential Election is about more than individual issues it is about the transformation of American politics. The issues are indeed very important, but the present process obscures them. Please join Catholic Sisters throughout the United States in communal contemplation and dialogue for the sake of more civil political process at www.iccdinstitute.org.

Sister Donna Maria Moses, OP
St. Simon’s Convent, Los Altos