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Saint Lucy Embarks on Standing Desk Pilot Program


As Saint Lucy students arrived for the 2016-2017 school year, they returned to discover some unique and exciting changes. New for this year is a pilot program which provides two standing desks in grades 2,4,6 and 7. In recent years, much research has emerged that highlight the health-related issues associated with people, students included, spending the majority of their day sitting. Whether we are working, driving, or learning in a classroom, we spend much of our awake hours sitting for extended periods of time
Students learn best while they are engaged in the material being presented. The “sit down and pay attention model” may not always be best. While exercising the body provides many documented health benefits, exercising the brain can be equally beneficial and assist in successful learning. Saint Lucy has joined with other schools in the diocese who are exploring the potential benefits of these new style desks and more active classrooms.

Students in the pilot program classrooms have been very excited about using the new desks. They have been heard to say that “using the new desks is helping them focus more easily, allows them greater freedom of movement while working, and simply makes learning easier, and more productive.”