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Bishop McGrath Delivers Annual State of the Church Address


By Liz Sullivan

Before an attentive crowd, Bishop Patrick J. McGrath delivered his annual State of the Church address at the monthly Catholic Professionals breakfast at Three Flames Restaurant on September 8.

The Bishop spoke about the Church locally, nationally and worldwide. And the first topic he touched on was the New Evangelization currently being undertaken in the Diocese of San Jose.

“It is about going out there to those who are already Catholic,” said the Bishop. “I tell the folks at the Chancery (headquarters of the Diocese) our only job is to serve the parishes. We have to find out their needs.”

In response to the New Evangelization, the Chancery is reorganizing and creating three pillars in which to function – Word (schools, religious education), Worship (liturgy and music) and Witness (how we live out our faith every day and social ministry). Each of these pillars will be led by a priest. For Word – Father Sergio Ovando. Worship – Father Ritchie Bueza and Witness – Father Jon Pedigo.

Also, the Bishop told the group that Bishop Carlos Sevilla, SJ, the Bishop Emeritus of Yakima, Washington, is living here and assisting the Diocese. Bishop Sevilla and Bishop McGrath were both ordained Auxiliary Bishops in the Archdiocese of San Francisco in 1989.

In addition, Bishop McGrath said Father Joe Kim, who had formally been the Director of Vocations and Evangelization, will now focus just on vocations as the Bishop has assumed the mantle of Chief Evangelizer. Bishop McGrath said Father Joe will especially look at vocations in the Hispanic community.

On the worldwide level, Bishop McGrath was among the millions who attended the World Youth Day in Poland. The Diocese was represented by more than 240 youth and young adults.

“It was a lovely event,” said the Bishop. “The kids always amaze me. The Polish people are such a great people.”