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• “Put Down Your Sword”


The August 23rd edition of The Valley Catholic included a letter to the Editor that seemed to be more focused on “gun rights” than on the violence that confronts us. The letter was triggered by syndicated columnist Tony Magliano’s, “Our Obsession with Guns” (June 21). This column told of the horrific mass shooting in Orlando, FL. The massacre was executed by a single shooter armed with an AR-15 semi-automatic with a thirty bullet magazine, and a Glock semi-automatic pistol.  The letter warned us that “listening to anti-gun rhetoric is the not the answer.”

I completely agree with Mr. Magliano that the U.S. has an obsession with guns. Compared with any developed nation on Earth, the U.S. has more guns and more fatalities.  We forget that our Second Amendment was created by slave-owning Founding Fathers who needed to arm their “slave patrols” to control their vast numbers of slaves. Since that time, the NRA has grown and has lobbied, prospered and convinced politicians that everyone needs a gun, one with the greatest possible killing power.

We should not, however, forget the Prince of Peace. Jesus is the greatest peace advocate in history. On the night before He died, Peter tried to protect his master with his sword. Jesus emphatically told Peter, “Put Down Your Sword!” The Gospel message is very clear. It calls us to follow the non-violent Jesus. Indeed, we are called to preach anti-gun rhetoric.

Stan Fitzgerald
San Jose