Knights on Bikes Ride Motorcycles to Take Faith on the Road

Matt Goreczny, Chris Wolfgong and Robert Burneisen, front right, pictured in an Aug. 4 photo, are founding members of the Pennsylvania Chapter of Knights on Bikes. (CNS photo/Mary Solberg, FaithLife)

OIL CITY, Pa. (CNS) – Don’t let the black leather biker vests fool you. Robert Burneisen, Matt Goreczny and Chris Wolfgong wear theirs for inspiration, not intimidation. Emblazoned on the back of their motorcycle jackets is the bright yellow emblem of the Knights of Columbus, a longtime Catholic fraternal organization dedicated to charity and evangelization. The large cross stitched above the logo further cements the spirit of the riders. “I feel that when I’m out there riding around with this jacket, this is who I am. I’m not a Hells Angel. We’re here to do good things, spread the word of Christ,” Wolfgong said. The men are members of Knights of Columbus Council 385 in Oil City, and are the founding members of the Pennsylvania chapter of Knights on Bikes, an international organization dedicated to improving the image of bikers and promoting safety and Christian values. Established in the U.S. in 2005, Knights on Bikes has chapters in 41 states.

Besides the Diocese of Erie, only two other dioceses in Pennsylvania have an active Knights on Bikes group. Members must be Knights of Columbus who are willing to spread the Catholic faith under the motto, “In God we trust and ride.”