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A Heart-Felt Thank You to Saint Francis High School


It is with the utmost gratitude and appreciation that we extend our thanks to the Father Anthony Mancuso, Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry, Father Steve Kim, Campus Ministry and Parochial Vicar along with the “cheerful and energetic group of teachers and staff” for offering their services and spirited energy to serve Saint Clare School.

This is generous group of Saint Francis High School leaders chose Saint Clare School as the school they would bless with the gift of their time and talents. Saint Francis High School in Mountain View truly modeled their strong support of elementary Catholic Education by spending the day volunteering at Saint Clare School. They brought new life to the school entrance by planting fresh flowers surrounding the trees.

The first week of school brings curiosity and excitement to TK and Kindergarten students. Once they look out classroom windows they will see freshly painted blue benches. Our Kindergarten students were given a new flat screen TV. New TK tables were installed and assembled by these treasured volunteers. As they pulled up their sleeves and put on their work gloves it was true that the Holy Spirit is on the move at Saint Clare School.

Let us give thanks for their ministry and support of elementary Catholic school education. Their hard work included: scrubbing classroom tables, desks and chairs; revitalizing the main school building hallway with fresh, vibrant colors; moving furniture from one class to another; and disposing well-used items.