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Parish Partnerships Responds to the Needs of the Community


As the social services and social justice arm of the Catholic Church, Catholic Charities always strives to be an intentional partner with our Catholic parishes and schools in the work of social justice. It does this through Parish Partnerships, providing programs and services, engaging volunteers, and strengthening parish social ministry efforts.

Led by Director John M. Rinaldo, Parish Partnerships programs include Handicapables, Catholic Convenings, and Emergency Homeless Shelters at Parishes.

• Handicapables
Handicapables offers social and enrichment programs for adults with disabilities. Bi-monthly meetings are held at locations throughout the County, giving members the opportunity to socialize and share common interests and concerns. Gatherings include an optional Mass at a local parish, lunch, group discussions, entertainment, or speakers. Outings are often planned around attending cultural events, educational programs and recreational activities.

• Catholic Convenings
August 2015 marked the first annual convening of Catholic social service and social action organizations. The gathering allowed participants to understand the impact the Catholic community has in Santa Clara County and to learn about what our community is doing in the fields of poverty reduction, social services, and social justice. The next convening is planned for September 27.

• Emergency Homeless Shelters at Parishes
Parish Partnerships has helped with the effort to provide the homeless population in the County with emergency shelter during this past winter, working with local parishes, the City of San José, and the County of Santa Clara’s Office of Supportive Housing. Seven churches opened their doors so that unsheltered people would have a safe place to sleep and be fed.

To learn more about Parish Partnerships, contact John M. Rinaldo, D. Min., Director of Parish Partnerships at jrinaldo@catholiccharitiesscc.org.