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• Thoughts on Jesus’ state of mind and last words at the end of his life.


I have always found his behavior to be normal for a human being under such extreme conditions. After all, the dire and lowly circumstances of His birth were not what one would expect for the son of God, either. But wasn’t the whole point, that he came down to earth, was born, lived, and died as a one? His fears and feelings of abandonment at the end, served to increase His sacrifice, because He was not protected from pain, fear, and humiliation. Of course He was afraid and hoping to be saved; any human would be. That was more fitting, than a Divine intervention sparing Him the degrading and frightening death He endured.

My CCD first graders loved to hear that Jesus was a kid like them. He caught colds, and skinned His knees just like they did. They sensed the powerful message in that simple truth. He lived His life as an example, and didn’t “go out” as an unflinching larger-than-life hero, but as the vulnerable humble man He’d always been. A man we could identify with.

Even in his pain wracked state, He knew who He was when He begged forgiveness for his killers, and promised the thief a place in heaven. His final sacrifice for our sins was His greatest because He suffered, to His last breath, as the human being He was sent here to be, and only in that way would His mission be complete.

Desiree Coelho

I am a staunch Reverend Rolheiser fan. I search for his article first, when the Valley Catholic arrives. I am an 82 year-old widow. Together my husband and I raised 4 children, and were married 50 years. I’ve had a colorful and interesting life and God has been with me every step of the way, thanks to wonderful Catholic parents who gave us our faith.