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Requirements for Adult Volunteers


By Griselda Cervantez

The Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (OPCVA) is thankful for your commitment to promoting a safe environment in all of our parishes, schools, and events. As part of your commitment, it is important to understand and be compliant with all Adult Volunteer Requirements. If you’re unsure if you are fully compliant, this is a great opportunity to find out! All adult volunteers who have regular contact with children, vulnerable adults or minister to the home-bound must (1) participate in a Safe Environment Training and (2) participate in the proper form of background screening.

The Safe Environment Training may be completed in-person at a parish (check our website for the schedule at www.dsj.org/opcva) or through the Shield the Vulnerable online course at www.shieldthevulnerable.org. The training must be completed prior to participating in volunteer services and must be renewed every three years.

In addition to fulfilling diocesan training requirements, adult volunteers must complete the background screening requirement. All volunteers who have regular contact with children, vulnerable adults, or minister to the home-bound must go through Live Scan Fingerprinting unless the volunteer has a “Special Circumstance” that has been cleared by OPCVA. “Special Circumstance” volunteers are screened using a professional background check and are prohibited from unsupervised service with youth/vulnerable adults and must serve in a “two-deep” capacity with another volunteer who has cleared Live Scan screening without restriction. Parishes and schools are also required to conduct an annual review on the Megan’s Law website for all volunteers not participating in formal background screening through Live Scan or a Background Check.
If you want to volunteer and are not yet compliant with all requirements, please take a moment to contact your parish’s or school’s volunteer coordinator to begin the process. As always, the OPCVA is also available to answer all of your questions at (408) 983-0113 or protection@dsj.org. Once again, thank you for your commitment to making the Diocese of San Jose a safe environment for all.