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Saint Clare School and JW House


During the month of May, the fourth and fifth grade classes at Saint Clare School sponsored a schoolwide drive to collect items for the JW House in Santa Clara. In preparation for this outreach project, the students did research on the JW House and then invited April Bignell, JW House Family Services Director, to speak to the classes about their needs. April shared with the students the history of the JW House and how they could best help them with their mission of providing housing and food for those whose family members were undergoing treatment for serious illnesses.

The fourth and fifth graders created posters and made a list of needs for the JW House to share with the other classrooms. Reminders about making donations for the collection were made each morning at our prayer assembly.

After the collection, the teachers, Samantha Casey and Shawn Gallagher, took the items collected to the JW House. The students and their teachers completed a reflection sheet on their outreach project. They were happy with their collection and they look forward to helping again soon.