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Saint Victor School Opens the Doors to Little Chargers Preschool



After two years of careful planning and earnest praying, Saint Victor School is proud to open the doors to its new preschool. The Saint Victor Little Chargers Preschool has been the dream of Principal Patricia Wolf for nearly five years. Working closely with Pastor Father Mark Gazzingan, Vice-Principal Victoria Hinkle and the third grade teacher Ann Colucci, a licensed preschool director, the dream of having a preschool at Saint Victor was finally realized.

Building a new preschool was not without its sacrifices. The beloved Computer Lab, which housed 35 desktop computers was remodeled and transformed into a brand-new space. The entire renovation process took three months. Throughout the construction, the elementary students would frequently peek in the windows of the future preschool, excited at the transformation. In December of 2015, the Development Office decided to channel the students’ enthusiasm into a logo contest for the new preschool. Two students, Lorenzo Aseo, a sixth grade student and Jace Vasquez, a seventh grade student won the contest. By combining their creative designs the school was able to construct a unique logo that is imbued with Saint Victor’s Catholic identity and is also child-friendly and fun.

The Preschool will officially open its doors on June 13 with an eight-week Summer Session under the direction of Director Sandra Nelson. It will open in the Fall on August 15. With much awaited anticipation, the Saint Victor community will be welcoming new students and families into its faith-filled and diverse student body. With the advent of the Little Chargers Preschool, Saint Victor begins a new chapter in its fifty-two year history.