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Catholic Charities Grandmother Honored at Golden Grandmother Luncheon


On May 13, the Golden Grandmothers Recognition Luncheon celebrated its 10th year honoring 50 grandmothers who have taken on the responsibility of being full-time parents for their grandchildren. These amazing grandmothers represent a diverse group of women from Santa Clara County.

One of these grandmothers is involved with Catholic Charities Kinship Resource Center (KRC). Mrs. Martinez and her three grandchildren–Angel (14), David (9) and Oscar (7), have been together since the children were four, two, and since birth. The family has been with the Kinship Resource Center since early 2012. They came to the KRC in search of support and guidance with all three children’s special needs. Angel has the brain maturity of an eight year old, and was diagnosed with PTSD from traumatic abuse he suffered as an infant and toddler. David has ADHD, has a hard time retaining information, and also has aggressive behaviors. Oscar has speech delays and also has a difficult time retaining information. All the children suffer from anxiety and struggle socially, academically, and at home.

With all these struggles Mrs. Martinez was doing a great job at balancing all her grandchildren’s needs. She came to the KRC for additional support. Through Case Management services at the KRC, Mrs. Martinez was able to find a support system that understood her needs as a relative caregiver verses being a biological parent.
At the KRC, Mrs. Martinez has been able to access support with the children’s education. Her Case Manager has served as a translator and offered support during Angel’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings. The family has also accessed mental health services for the entire family. Through the KRC and its many partners, all children have been able to access donations of annual new shoes, new backpacks, and even new school clothes. These donations came graciously from St. Simons School and Parish and the non-profit organization My New Red Shoes.

The family has also benefited from summer vacation and Christmas support. In addition, the family has found fun and affordable recreational things to do locally thanks to other supporting agencies such as CATS (Community Access Ticket Services) and Source Wise. They have visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Alcatraz Island, California Academy of Science, Raging Waters, and Gilroy Gardens.

Mrs. Martinez and the children recognize and appreciate the support the KRC has been able to offer them. The Kinship Resource Center is proud of Mrs. Martinez and the children’s progress. The KRC is committed to supporting their growth and self-sufficiency.

To learn more about next year’s Golden Grandmothers Luncheon, visit www.buildingpeacefulfamilies.org.
To learn more about Catholic Charities’ Kinship Resource Center, visit www.catholiccharitiesscc.org/kinship-resource-center-program.