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46th Annual Saint Pius X Awards Banquet



Recognizing More Than 2,400 Years of Service as Catechists, the Diocese of San Jose Hosts 46th Annual Saint Pius X Awards Banquet

By Liz Sullivan

On May 19, at Villa Ragusa restaurant in Campbell, the Diocese of San Jose hosted the 46th Annual Saint Pius X Awards Banquet.

The evening honored 124 catechists for 10 to 40 years of service of religious education ministry (see list). Overall, the honorees accounted for 2,400 years of service to the Diocese.

“Tonight we celebrate all of you,” said Bishop Patrick J. McGrath. “You have shown that actions speak louder than words. You have shown not just by your words, but by your actions.”

Sister Ana Maria Pineda, RSM, was the guest speaker. Pineda, now a professor at Santa Clara University, first began working in the Diocese in 1981, the year it was created. She spoke of mercy, in this the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

“Pope Francis has shown us that God loves us no matter what,” she said. “He invites us to show that no matter what. Pope Francis tells us that Jesus Christ is the face of the Father’s mercy. God’s mercy forms a bridge between God and human kind.”

In addition, this year the Diocese awarded the Maria De Le Cruz Aymes, SH, Award for Excellence in Catechetical Ministry to Connie Torres of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. The winner of the award is not made public until it is announced at the banquet. Torres’ daughter Sandra, Associate Director for Hispanic Apostolate for the Diocese, presented her with the honor.

The Saint Pius X awards are named in honor of Pope Saint Pius X, 1835-1914, who as Pope encouraged daily reading of the Bible, directed liturgical renewal and encouraged Catholics, especially in Italy, to become involved in political issues to achieve peace and order. He was most noted for lowering the age of First Communion to the age of discretion.

40 Years
Saint John Vianney
Mary Ann Andrade

35 Years
Holy Family
Terry Giorgetti

Holy Spirit
Gail Tifft

Saint Elizabeth
Brenda Wong

30 Years

Holy Family
Victoria Flynn

Our Lady of LaVang
Chanh Nguyen
Anthony Thang Tran
Su Vu
Hien The Pham
Kim Hang Pham
Trieu Pham

Queen of Apostles
Arleen Gallagher

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Mark Protsik

Saint Christopher
Don Wood
Debbie Carey
Kay Gaffaney

Saint Elizabeth
Janet Shull

St. Joseph of Cupertino
Carol Rakich

Saint Justin
Nelson Castelino

Saint Mary, Gilroy
Josie Corella
Elia Scettrini

Saint Victor
Irmina Carpio
Vickie Reed
Poi Buenaventura

25 Years
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Hope Navarette

Our Lady of LaVang
Krystine Do
Xuan Mai Tran
Hoang Tran
Phat Manh Pham
Joseph Thuan Nguyen
Thai Thanh Nguyen

Saint Elizabeth
Rene Briones
Cecie Briones

Saint Francis of Assisi
Rosalie Correa

Saint John the Baptist
Frances Beck

Saint Joseph of Cupertino
Michael Chagoya
Linda Chagoya

Saint Justin
Louise Sumpter

Saint Leo the Great
Mary Lozano
Maria Martin

Saint Lucy
Myriam Cordero

Saint Maria Goretti
Zenaida Dumuk
Cora Tomalinas

Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception
Cathy Macierz
Tim Macierz

Saint Victor
Joseph Murphy

Santa Teresa
Kathleen Gutierrez
Victor Gutierrez

10 Years
Christ the King
Maria V. Curiel

Holy Family
Leslie Smeardon

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Albert (Al) Muñoz
Gabby Lopez
Clara Castro
Marilyn Pablo
Patricia Torres
Martha Lopez
Pablo Lopez

Our Lady of La Vang
Lan Pham Tran
Quynh-Nhu Lam
Anna Chi Vu
Hien Le
Mai Phan Nguyen
Lien My Pham
Ivy Van-Anh Nguyen

Our Lady of Peace
Blanca Garcia
Maria Victoria Centeno
Sr. Maria Ng Krus Totanes, SSVM
Maribel Gonzalez
Herminio Gonzalez
Cristina Oterino
Roser Sauleda
Dolores Perez
Lucy Muniz
Lorena Sanchez

Sacred Heart, Saratoga
Beth Henderson

Sacred Heart of Jesus
Lorena Reyes
Martha Guevara
Alejandro Marquez

Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Imelda Marquez
Maria Miranda

Saint Christopher
Michelle Martin
Carolyn Cox Bentzel
Christine Sosa
Theresa Hawker

Saint Elizabeth
Andrea Habito

Saint Francis of Assisi
Robert Juleson
Erwin Villanueva
Maria Galeon

Saint John the Baptist
Romy Dizon

Saint John Vianney
Mary Brockman
Jackie Cantu
Nancy Sandoval
Maria Aragon

Saint Joseph, Mountain View
Angelica Reyes
Teresa Rodriguez
Sandra Paz
Hector Sanchez
Rocio Sanchez
Javier Pedraza
Teresa Marin

Saint Justin
Norman Lee

Saint Leo the Great
Martha Romo
Patricia Sanchez

Saint Lucy
Mary Smith
Nancy Whitney
Christina Gutto
Arcelia Fernandez
Alejandra Carvallo
Maria Esther Alvarez
Judy Bell

Saint Mary, Gilroy
José Hernández
Lourdes Martínez
Trini Mendoza
Barbara Estrada

Saint Mary of the Immaculate Conception
Paula Mastropolo
Maura Keenan
Joe Keenan
Kathleen LeClair
Craig LeClair

Saint Simon
Carol Gerughty
Catherine Campbell Raffa

Saint Thomas Aquinas
Florence de Bretagne

Saint Thomas of Canterbury
Leticia Tapia

Saint Victor
Tammy Nelson