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Saint Simon School Cares for God’s Creation


Saint Simon Parish School designated April as a “green month” to honor Pope Francis’ Laudato Si, and is proud to announce the winners of the student environmental poster contest, which highlighted ways to illustrate the importance of caring for the earth. Winners include: (First Grade) Annabel Moore, Joey Ferreira, Jordan Ashjaee; (Second Grade) Nicolas Batinich, Cate Blong, Jasmin Tautges; (Third Grade) Helena Vergara, Mia Green; (Fourth Grade) Anna Dobbelaere; (Fifth Grade) Dylan Cordeiro, William Slattery, Tatyana Lippert, Alexa Sandoval; (Sixth Grade) Marcela Bremauntz; (Seventh Grade) Grace Jackson, Rose Gendel.
Second-grade winner Cate Blong said, “it was so fun to design a poster to remind people of things they can do for the environment! Keep recycling!”

Students also responded to a classroom and school-wide “bottle war,” an effort to eliminate disposable bottles and replace them with reusable waters with astounding success. Over a period of five short days the “bottle war” resulted in the elimination of more than 1,200 disposable water bottles on the school campus.
The Parish will continue to embark on a number of environmental initiatives, including a focus on reducing overall water consumption, as well as moving forward with a plan to implement solar power.