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Saint Lucy Students Experience Hands-on Learning



Students at Saint Lucy School learn and explore through hands-on learning. Children are naturally equipped. They learn through observation and investigation. Developmentally students can learn best from what they can see, touch, feel, and manipulate. This initiates student’s natural curiosity and fuels science investigations. Students in Fourth grade created series and parallel circuits as part of their study of electricity. Third graders witnessed chemical reactions as they dipped copper pennies into a solution of salt and vinegar. Measurement came alive for second graders as they used inches, centimeters, and even non-standard units of measurement such as paper clips, to measure distances in the schoolyard.



While science drives imagination, exploring cultures through dress, customs and food can give students an authentic view into how others live. Students in First grade enjoyed a global celebration of food and shared traditions from their culture. Sharing this diverse cuisine and activities engages students and makes them active participants in their learning. It brings them closer together and gets them excited about exploring and learning about themselves and others while appreciating the uniqueness of others.