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New York Times Best–Selling Author Visits Saint Clare


On April 15, another fascinating Hicklebee’s sponsored author visited Saint Clare School. Before starting his national book tour, author Frank Beddor visited students in grades 4 – 8. He is most known for his New York Times best-seller series, “The Looking Glass Wars.” Beddor’s current book is “Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X.”

It is a new series geared toward middle school students featuring the teenage years of his most popular character, Hatter Madigan. Beddor gave an hour-long presentation to the students, entertaining them about the expanded fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland that he has created. Some of the students were even able to act out a couple of scenes from his books.

Beddor continued his presentation with the importance of not giving up which, in his case, includes multiple re-writes and how falling down is essential to succeeding in finding what you love to do. He also took quite a few questions from the students and talked about other authors that inspired him.

Before signing copies of his books, Beddor gave each student a comic book, which is a prologue to the new Hatter Madigan series. Saint Clare along with Hicklebee’s Bookstore continues to promote the importance of reading and writing by bringing authors to the school to help inspire the students.