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Raising the Level of Expectations


By Liz Sullivan

As the Drexel School System completes its third year of educating students in the Diocese of San Jose, two things are happening: people are taking notice and expectations are rising.

By means of celebrating the innovation taking place throughout Drexel Schools, the core of its mission – Blended Learning – was recognized by the National Catholic Education Association (NCEA) at its recent convention in San Diego. That’s where Santa Clara University (SCU) received the Catherine T. McNamee, CSJ, Award, which recognizes the University’s exceptional leadership in “promoting a vision of Catholic education that welcomes and serves cultural and economic diversity or serves students with diverse needs.”

When the Drexel Schools began three years ago it partnered with SCU to create the Academy of Blended Learning. Each of the teachers at a Drexel School must undergo training and become certified in Blended Learning at Santa Clara.

“Blended learning and Drexel Schools are synonymous with each other,” said said Assistant Superintendent, Drexel Schools Tara Rolle, Ed.D. “We congratulate Santa Clara University on receiving this award and we look forward to our continued partnership in educating our teachers.”

In addition, it is those same teachers who are seeing their level of expectations rise through the implementation of BLESS (Blended Learning Educator Salary Schedule) Phase I for the 2016-17 school year. The desired outcome of BLESS is a full compensation structure overhaul, which will be approached in three phases over the 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years.

The first step, Phase 1, focuses explicitly on the implementation of the metrics that will be used to measure progress across the Drexel School sites.

“This program was created with a spirit of recognition for the exemplary work of our Drexel site employees,” said Rolle, “who have been called upon to participate in a new way of approaching Catholic education. This implementation should be seen as a celebration of Drexel personnel efforts and the metrics for measurement should be recognized as a necessary component for determining extra compensation.”

The Drexel School System is comprised of Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale, Holy Spirit School, Most Holy Trinity School, Resurrection School, Saint Clare School, Saint Joseph Catholic School, and Saint Patrick School.

Learn more about the Drexel School System at Drexel.dsj.org.