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Walking for Saint Victor School and the Make-A-Wish Foundation


Each year the Saint Victor Student Council sponsors a Walk-A-Thon during the Lenten season. In line with the Schoolwide Learning Expectations to be a Child of Faith and a Caring and Responsible Citizen, this event not only benefits the school, but a charitable foundation of the Student Council’s choosing. This year they decided that the funds would benefit ongoing classroom renovations and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Student Council members worked hard to plan this school event and make it fun for the student body. They made posters for classrooms, distributed water to students and helped to tabulate the laps each student walked/ran.

This year the school also decided to publicize the event and collect pledges in a new way. The school partnered with a local parent and entrepreneur named Nik Kalyani and used his website Walkstarter.org to reach out to donors. The use of Walkstarter was a great success. Saint Victor School set a goal of raising $7,000 but exceeded the goal, ultimately raising $8,874. Many parents commented on how easy the website was to use. Parents were able to send a link to family and friends via email and/or post a donation link directly to Facebook. Students also enjoyed the option of creating their own donation website and reaching out to family and friends on their own.

The day of the actual event was filled with a lot of school spirit. Student Council Commissioner General Keenan Yates, began the event with a spirited roll-call of all the grades. After Vice-Principal Mrs. Hinkle’s countdown, the students were off and running! Mr. Hinkle, the Technology Coordinator, kept up everyone’s enthusiasm by playing lively music throughout the hour-long event. The Saint Victor Walk-A-Thon builds community and school spirit while raising money for the school and charity.