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Saint Lucy School History “Walks” Provide a Unique Perspective to Studying the Past


During March students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade at Saint Lucy School stepped back in time and immersed themselves in history. Under the guidance of their teachers as well as talented facilitators from California Weekly Explorer, SLS students experienced interactive “walk-through” presentations about various eras that not only focused on history, geography, and culture, but also offered opportunities in drama, public speaking, and teamwork.

The 4th grade class experienced a “Walk Through California History.” Dressed as Native Americans, miners, missionaries, cowboys, the costumed students arrived as “experts” on a historical figure or term related to California’s history or topography. Divided into four teams, the students earned points for their respective teams as they participated in a wide variety of fun activities.

In addition, the 5th grade class jumped back to the latter half of the 1700’s and focused on the American Revolution. This time, the class was divided into three teams: the Blue Rebels, the Red Coats, and the White Tories. Mock battles were staged, short speeches were given, and important American history was shared by and imparted upon the students.

Donning the garb of pharaohs, slaves, senators, plebeians, mythical heroes or those of war, the 6th graders focused on the ancient world. They focused on how the Egyptian, Greek and Roman societies evolved through time. Whenever students become active participants in the learning process, not only do they have fun but they also retain the content on a far deeper level.