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Diocese Celebrates World Day of Prayer for Vocations



By Father Joe Kim


As the priest designated by Bishop McGrath to find candidates to the diocesan priesthood, I often ask the question of the people I meet: “What are the qualities of your favorite priest?”  The most common answers I get are: funny (a joyful priest who relates especially to young people), prayerful (someone who knows God in addition to knowing about God), present (someone who leads people by loving them like a good father).

There is no silver bullet in finding this type of priest candidate other than asking God for it.  I meet these candidates when I visit youth groups, college campuses, high schools and young adult groups.  I am more and more convinced of the power of prayer in helping them (and their parents) to listen and act on the call of Christ for their life’s work for the Church and for the world.

On behalf of Pope Francis and Bishop McGrath, I invite you all to participate in the World Day of Prayer for Vocations on April 17 (also known as Good Shepherd Sunday).

In addition to offering personal prayers and Masses at local parishes, we will devote 40 hours of prayer for vocations at the Carmelite Monastery in Santa Clara.  The prayer will begin on April 15 with a 5 pm Mass and Eucharistic Procession with children who have received their First Communion this year.  The monastery will be open throughout the weekend for you to spend an hour with our Lord asking specifically for more vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life from among the young people here in our Diocese of San Jose.

The 40 hours will conclude with a Mass celebrated by Bishop McGrath at 10:30 am on April 17.  A full schedule, details and signups can be found at www.dsj.org/adoration-for-vocations.

Pope Francis wrote that vocations are born within the Church, grow within the Church, and are sustained by the Church.  This is our prayer throughout the year and especially on the World Day of Prayer for Vocations.