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Saint Christopher Faculty’s Lenten Acts of Service


Saint-ChristopherThe staff and faculty at Saint Christopher made it a point to live their motto, “not words but deeds” this Lenten season. Each week the group took on a new act of service. One of the first weeks included a campaign with the Pope’s encyclical in mind called “40 bags in 40 days” where they were challenged to rid the clutter in their lives by tackling small cleaning or organizing projects every day during Lent. Collected items were donated to RAFT and Sunday Friends. Another week they filled “blessing bags” for the homeless helped by Sacred Heart Community Service. Two Easter baskets were filled with donations for a couple of families in their parish that currently need a helping hand. Finally, the faculty spent the afternoon at Second Harvest Food Bank where they labeled and packed over 4,000 cans to be distributed to the hungry. By working together, they not only helped those around them, but built up and strengthened their own school community in the process.