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Saint Lucy School Students Love to Explore Science


Saint Lucy students explore science beginning in Pre-Kindergarten. They are able to dig-in, touch, measure, and observe scientific reactions and results. Saint Lucy School students in grade 1-8 attend science classes in the state-of-the-art science lab, which is fully stocked with equipment and tools needed for scientific exploration.

Saint Lucy School is beginning to implement the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), which provides a more coherent progression of science education aimed at overall scientific literacy with instruction focused on a smaller set of ideas building each year to the next level. The objective is not just to have students recite facts, but to be able to have them explore as a scientist in the world.

Saint Lucy students ask questions to make sense of things, and use evidence to construct their arguments or to critique each other’s arguments. Very recently, Saint Lucy 8th graders were studying particle movement in warm versus cold environments. By placing dry ice into a cold water bottle and covering it with a balloon and then following the same process using warm water, students were able to see that carbon dioxide was created as the temperature of the water increased. After the formal experiment they worked in groups exploring the properties of the dry ice, and just having fun with science.

One of the Saint Lucy Science teachers, Brenda Otteman, shared that, “The science lab is beautifully stocked which allows us to start learning hands-on science from the first day of school. I’m excited to see what our students are able to explore!”