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Chinese Students Visit Community at Saint Joseph School, Mountain View


This is the 6th year in a row that a group of 32 students from Sinolink School in the country of China has visited the community at Saint Joseph Catholic School, Mountain View. The students are in the country for approximately two weeks and attend school with the children for seven school days as well as have the opportunity to visit the St. Francis School.

Sinolink School is in the city of Shenzhen, in the south of China near Hong Kong. It is one of the first “Special export zones” set up in China 40 years ago. Back then it was a fishing village, now it is a bustling city of 12 million people.

The students traveled by airplane for 15 hours. Cathy Connelly and her husband, Michael Connelly, lead this program. He is the Mandarin teacher at St. Francis High School. These two dedicated people selected the students and two teachers, organize the host families here to have these students stay with them, create the agenda, plan the various outings among other requirements.

The reason they can come during their school year is that they are now on winter break for the Chinese Lunar New Year, which fell on February 9.

On their last day at Saint Joseph, all of the visiting students performed various talents for the students, faculty and staff, Kathy Amazol – Diocese Superintendent, and Pastor – Fr. Engel.