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Parishioners of Saint Joseph of Cupertino Collaborate on Endowment


Father Greg Kimm has spent the past 11 years as the pastor of Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish. Prior to becoming pastor, he also served as parochial vicar for six years and as deacon for one. To say that he cherishes his parish community would be an understatement. Saint Joseph of Cupertino is more than an assignment to him: it is home.

Father Greg, like many pastors, has financial concerns for the parish. Last year, he spoke of two specifically: First, he was concerned that the parish would no longer be able to pay their valued youth minister, Primo Martinez, who was receiving a modest wage for only 12 hours of work per week. This would mean that the parish youth ministry program, a ministry that is very much appreciated by the community, may need to be discontinued. Second, Father Greg worried that the parish staff was being underpaid. The parish was in need of a plan that would allow a just wage to be paid to the people that worked so hard to keep it up and running.
Father Greg knew that he could not remain pastor of Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish forever. Yet, he wanted to find a way to ensure the vitality of the parish, of the staff, and of the youth ministry program today, for the future.

A solution was proposed: to begin a parish endowment. An endowment fund could be cultivated and grown over the years so that the parish had guaranteed income forever. It would reduce the need for dependence on weekly envelopes and capital campaigns, guarantee future funding for long-term planning, and perhaps even inspire a culture of legacy-giving that would continue into the future.

After a few conversations and a little planning, Father Greg held a meeting with his parishioners. He expressed his desire to plan for the future of the parish through endowment. Primo Martinez came too.

Those in attendance responded to the parish’s needs, swiftly and faithfully, and the Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish Endowment was begun.

Several months have passed since the meeting. Father Greg continues to steward gifts for the future of Saint Joseph of Cupertino. The endowment continues to receive donations and is quickly approaching $100,000, which will yield $4,000 per year in income to the parish permanently, while never reducing its capital. As it grows, so does the annual parish income.

The future of the endowment at Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish is bright. With increased stewardship and faithful answers to the call of need, that community has laid the foundation for a faith-filled and fiscally healthy future, where their youth and parish staff will be supported.

As Father Greg says, “Much has changed in our area since our parish was founded over 100 years ago. This endowment will help to ensure that no matter what changes take place in the next 100 years, our parish will still be able to serve the needs of its parishioners.”

The Saint Joseph of Cupertino Parish Endowment Fund is administered by the Catholic Community Foundation of Santa Clara County. To make a donation or to discuss beginning an endowment for your parish, contact the Foundation at (408) 995-5219.