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Sister Mary Karis Professes Solemn Vows for Poor Clares in Los Altos Hills


On January 16, Sister Mary Karis of the Holy Spirit became a solemnly professed Poor Clare Nun at the Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Los Altos Hills, California. Her journey to religious life began as a teenager when she felt very strongly that God had created her for a reason and she didn’t want to miss it! He had a plan for her life and she wanted to fulfill it and not be caught up in her own little things. As it became clearer that the Lord was calling her to be His own, she felt drawn to be a contemplative nun, a desire she shared with a very dear friend. In fact, they shared everything together including the information her friend received from the Poor Clare Nuns in Los Altos Hills who had been recommended by a relative in California. Both girls traveled from the native Washington to visit the monastery. As it turned  out, Sister Karis, then Elizabeth Farrell, entered the Poor Clare Monastery in Los Altos Hills while her dear friend entered the cloistered Carmelites in Nebraska. Sister Karis has a great love for music inspired by her singing family. She also feels most at home in the rain which is a common occurrence in Washington! In fact, when she entered the monastery, the area received so much rain that a friend of the community suggested that the new postulant stop praying for it. EI Nino may be the heavenly celebration of her solenm profession, her joyful embracing of God’s plan for her and the fulfillment of her dream to be just whom God created her to be.