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Scholarships Available!


Each year the Italian American Heritage Foundation (IAHF) awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to high school graduates moving on to a four-year institution.  Many of our recipients come from valley Catholic High Schools.

The 2016 IAHF scholarship program is now in full swing. The updated application will be sent to all valley high schools on February 1st. Please visit iahfsj.org to view and print the application.

Please note that some scholarships are reserved for focused areas of study.  The Bocciardi scholarships, for example, are available to students pursuing a degree or a career involving foreign language; one of the IAHF scholarships is reserved for a student pursuing a degree in any area of the arts and one of the Borelli scholarships is reserved for a community-college graduate transferring to a four-year institution. The rest of the awards will be general subject areas.

Encourage your children and grandchildren to apply! Grade point average is absolutely NOT the sole criterion.  Weight is given to IAHF membership, to the student’s volunteerism, extra-curricular school activities, job experience and there is even a slot for a student to share extenuating circumstances which may influence the committee.

If any family would like to sponsor a scholarship or donate to the IAHF scholarship fund, please contact linda.binkley@iahfsj.org.