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Environmental Fair Encourages Students to be more Earth-Conscious


From fuel cell technology to drinks produced in sustainable rainforests, Saint Francis High School students considered how their actions can impact the planet while visiting the school’s Environmental Fair.

The Environmental Club invited 15 eco-minded non-profits groups and businesses to campus, giving students the opportunity to interact with diverse organizations that represent light electric vehicles, wildlife conservation, chemical-free household products and more. At one station, in front of a gathering of students, a representative of Project Kaisei, a group dedicated to ocean cleanup, held up a small container of water taken from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He pointed to the numerous bits of plastic waste swirling inside. Not too far away, a representative from Greentown Los Altos gave a presentation showing how many gallons of water it takes to produce different foods.

Environmental Club president senior Elise Xu said she is better informed now on how she can respond to environmental challenges as a result of hearing experts speak on various issues.

“The Environmental Fair was worthwhile because we learned how our everyday decisions can make our world a better place,” she said.

The presenters also included two alumni who came back to their alma mater to support the Environmental Fair and educate current students. Kathryn Clark, a 2010 graduate, is a marketing coordinator with Epicurean, the food service company that serves Saint Francis. She explained to students how the company has adopted green business practices. Monica Harnoto, a 2009 graduate, is a product management specialist at Bloom Energy, which manufactures fuel cells that generate clean electricity. When she was at Saint Francis, she had helped organize the school’s first Environmental Fair, and she was heartened to see that environmental issues continue to be of interest on campus.

“Hopefully these students will take their enthusiasm with them wherever they go after Saint Francis,” she said.