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Saint Victor Reinvigorates its Mission with a New Logo


For the last 18 years, Saint Victor School has donned the same logo. This year, the Development Office and administrators recognized the chance to rebrand the school and an opportune time to redesign the school logo. Collaborating closely with a professional designer, the school unveiled a new logo on December 9. It embodies the school’s mission, philosophy, vision and Schoolwide Learning Expectations.

The Saint Victor School coat of arms depicts a red, white and blue shield and is divided into four parts. It points to a value for tradition and its clean, bold lines convey the school’s desire to establish a strong foundation in all areas of learning. The most prominent symbol is the white cross that represents the Gospel message shared with the school community and beyond.

In the top left quadrant the large flame outlining a smaller flame symbolizes the Holy Spirit’s active presence in each student as a maturing Child of Faith. The open book in the top right quadrant represents the school’s mission to form Lifelong Learners. The Charger in the bottom left quadrant is the school mascot and a symbol of strength and resilience. It also embodies the athletics program and Saint Victor School’s vision to educate the whole child. In the lower right quadrant, united hands symbolize the school’s vision to form Caring and Responsible Citizens. The hands are open to signify the school’s quest to create a safe and trusting environment.

The school colors are also used in the logo. Blue represents the calm, confidence, unity, and strength valued at Saint Victor School. Red symbolizes the passion, energy and excitement as the school reinvigorates its mission. Blue and red embody values that are embraced at the school.