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Saint Clare School Awarded 3rd Place in Robotics Competition


A team of six Saint Clare students participated in the first annual Wonder League Robotics Competition this fall. The students placed 3rd in California, and 43rd in the world, with 1,158 teams participating. Saint Clare’s points total was higher than any international team and several state championship teams.

Wonder Workshop, the Bay Area company that created the popular computer programming robots, Dash and Dot, hosted the competition. It consisted of six computer programming missions to instruct Dash and Dot to complete various space-themed tasks. Each team needed to record their solutions along with an introduction of the team and submit a video. Then, the videos were scored by judges based on accuracy, complexity of the code, “flair” and other factors.

After submitting the video, the team had the opportunity to share the work with a software development team at eBay headquarters. The team toured the eBay campus, got a glimpse into the career of a computer engineer, and worked on the Hour of Code projects.