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For I was Naked and Hungry


By Yolanda Toulet
The youth preparing for their sacrament of confirmation at Saint Julie Billiart Parish were given a challenge – to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

They turned to the gospels and found a brilliant inspiration. For two weeks, they collected blankets, jackets, hats, socks, gloves, and other donations. Then on December 19, more than 40 youth and their parents met for a Morning Prayer service and then drove to Saint James Park in downtown San Jose to distribute the donations to the homeless and to serve them hot chocolate.

Their faith action became a transformative experience for all who participated. They became neighbors to the poor and marginalized. They saw Jesus Christ in the faces of the homeless men, women, and children they met that day. They built a personal relationship with Jesus. And in the process, their acts of love and service helped to bring forth the Kingdom of God that was so central to his message. Their mission helped make a small difference in the world.