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Rejoicing in God’s Mercy, Together in Christ



By Liz Sullivan

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, the Diocese of San Jose has kicked off the campaign for the Annual Diocesan Appeal (ADA). Appropriately, this year’s theme is “Rejoicing in God’s Mercy, Together in Christ.”

“It is extremely important that we show unity with a global church,” said Bill Matthews, Director of Stewardship and Development for the Diocese and whose department is responsible for running the campaign. “Mercy is a timely issue in the Church. Pope Francis is making the world very aware of the importance of mercy in our lives. I am very happy to follow the Pope on this.”

The ADA campaign kicked off the weekend of January 16-17 and runs through March 20, the weekend before Easter. This year’s goal for the 54 parishes in the Diocese is $5,943,885. The incentive for parishes is that every dollar they raise above their individual goal they get to keep. In 2015, the ADA appeal collected more than $7.8 million, with more than $2 million returned to the parishes.

“We have a great community in the Valley of Saint Clare as the Bishop (McGrath) calls it,” said Matthews. “It is the way it is because of the people and I expect and I hope for them to come through for us again. ADA doesn’t cost the parishes anything. It is only something they benefit from.”

In conjunction with the Department of Communications, the Department of Stewardship and Development produced a 4-minute video for parishes to play at Mass, along with other promotion materials such as a brochure. The brochure includes a letter from Bishop McGrath and highlights the way ADA has impacted the Diocese. This year’s topics are Evangelization and stopping human trafficking. It is written in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

“We have a tremendous amount of support in the Diocese,” said Matthews. “This is especially seen through the number of volunteers we have who give of their time. We couldn’t do it without them. I am very proud to be a part of this diocese. We have great leadership from the Bishop, which helps tremendously.”

Learn more about ADA at www.DSJ.org/ada.