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Saint Justin School Proudly Participates in Project Cornerstone


Saint Justin School is a proud participant of Project Cornerstone, a YMCA of Silicon Valley Initiative that promotes positive values, relationships, skills, and experiences to help children grow into healthy, caring, and responsible adults.

Every month, parent volunteers read selected books about important issues such as respect, tolerance, honesty, peaceful conflict resolution, taking a stand against bullying behaviors, and refusing to participate in gossip. After reading the book, the students take part in discussions and activities to help empower them with the skills necessary to deal with these critical issues.

In addition to the Book of the Month, Saint Justin School offers the Fun Zone, a recreational program that provides any interested children with the opportunity to participate. Activities include origami and creating things using basic supplies such as straws or toilet paper rolls. Completely student-driven, this program promotes leadership skills and empowers the students to view themselves as valuable resources of the community.

Empowerment and leadership skills are also emphasized with Saint Justin’s newest club, Helping Hands. All junior high students are invited to participate as they meet to discuss ways they can make a difference in the community. Just recently, they created blankets to donate to Saint Justin’s Community Ministry.

Lastly, a beautiful mural painted on campus serves as evidence of Project Cornerstone. It depicts a large tree with a surrounding garden and is comprised mainly of the handprints from each student and staff member. On the tree trunk is proudly written EVERYONE AT SAINT JUSTIN MATTERS. This mural celebrates the unique attributes, talents, and gifts of each individual while also demonstrating that collectively, we form a strong, unified community deeply rooted in faith.

Project Cornerstone has helped establish expectations regarding behavior and respect among all members of the community and has created a positive school climate where every student feels valued and supported to achieve and thrive.