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Catholic Schools Week — Celebrating Year of Mercy


January 31 – February 6, 2016

Almazol-Kathy-smallBy Kathy Almazol
Superintendant of Schools

Catholic Schools Week is a National Celebration of the presence of Catholics schools in this nation. In the Diocese of San Jose representatives from all elementary and secondary schools will gather to celebrate Mass in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph on February 1, 2016. We do this as a reminder to our entire community how fortunate our Diocese is to have Catholic schools. Catholic school enrollment across 28 elementary schools and 7 Catholic high schools numbers 16,400 students. During this week all schools are holding open house and site visitations. Check our DSJ website for a school near you!

Monday, February 1 our students celebrate liturgy together as a sign of their commitment to their faith. Students share the many ways they provide service for the members of our community who are most vulnerable and in need. The theme of our mass this year is MERCY. St. Joseph has a dedicated ‘Door of Mercy’ for all who enter the church. We are asking each school to dedicate one action that all students, staff and parents will practice to ensure our students understand the concept of Mercy and being a Merciful person. The school sites do a wonderful job of teaching this virtue. There is much to learn about Mercy on the Diocese of San Jose website and also on the USCCB website.

During the month of February many schools are participating in outreach that is organized by the NFL as part of the Super Bowl activities in our area.

Our school students have collected materials for kids in need in our community. The distribution of these materials will be at Santa Clara University and the 49ers will be there to help the students and lend their support. Additionally, the NFL distributes the leftover food from their events to our local food banks and shelters.

We recognize and celebrate the great gift of parents, grandparents, and friends of Catholic schools who so generously donate their time, talent and treasure to sustain us year after year. Thank you to all of you who believe in us and share your treasure with us! You are indeed SUPER!!