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Saint Leo the Great School Hosts Annual Turkey Drive


On November 19, eighth grade students at Saint Leo the Great School hosted the annual Turkey Drive for donations to Sacred Heart Community Center. The 8th graders publicized the event over a period of weeks. As the 100th graduating class this school year, the thirty one students collected turkeys, checks, gift cards, and cash. In total, there were 224 turkeys and $352 in cash and gift cards donated. After the morning’s collection, the Class of 2016 attended a community service session at Sacred Heart Community Center in San Jose.

At Sacred Heart, the 8th grade class worked at multiple service stations. Some students worked by packaging and sorting fruits while others sorted clothes and checked in customers. The process took about two hours and was very rigorous. The experience was humbling to see that people had so much gratitude for so little.

Most schools teach their students that it is important to help those in our community, but Saint Leo the Great’s 8th graders turned those words into action. By spending a few hours of their day volunteering, these students have exemplified charity and selflessness by joining other volunteers in assisting those in our community who are in need of our help.