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Holy Spirit 8th Graders Skype with Argentina



On October 16, the world became smaller for Holy Spirit School eighth graders.

In the early morning, before they started class, they virtually traveled more than 6,000 miles by participating on a Skype video conference with eighth grade students at Colegio Yapeyu in Corrientes, Argentina.

During the dialog, both groups of students had the chance to introduce themselves in each other’s native language as a sign of the effort each one of us should make in seeking to understand our brothers and sisters in other cultures.

The students in Argentina then asked questions about Thanksgiving for a project they are developing about American Culture and our Holy Spirit students eagerly stood up one by one to answer them. At one point, one of the students in Argentina went off the Thanksgiving script and asked: “Have you ever been to the Jelly Belly Factory?” …the whole class broke in laughter and one stunned student wondered out loud: “How in the world do they know about Jelly Bellies in Argentina?”

This intercultural exchange was arranged by Holy Spirit School’s Spanish teacher, Athena Zepeda, and Colegio Yapeyu’s English director, Patty Getzrow.