ILM Celebrates Evening of Prayer

ILM Celebrates Evening of Prayer



Earlier this month, the Institute for Leadership in Ministry (ILM) celebrated the beginning of the academic year with Mass at Saint Elizabeth Church. The presider was the Very Reverend Andres Ligot, Judicial Vicar and ILM faculty member.

Father Andy praised the Institute’s contribution to the Diocese of San Jose during the last 18 years. After thanking the students for their dedication to their formation, he offered several points for reflection on how each of them could remain faithful to the mission of the Institute and to challenge themselves to be forward-looking.

“First”, he said, “we need to learn at the margins of our communities.” This is the preferential place to encounter Jesus, our teacher and master.
Referring to the theologian, Hans von Balthasar, who spoke of uniting theology with prayer, Father Andy urged students to “learn on their knees” because “humility is the beginning of wisdom.”

He encouraged students to “learn the teachings of the Church first before the latest theological opinions.” He cautioned them about falling into the trap of dissent of Church teachings without even knowing what they are or without understanding them fully.

Finally, Father Andy reminded students that “the Word is not a ‘what’ but a ‘who,’ exhorting them to be sure to know not only what Jesus is about, but who he truly is, especially to each one of them personally.

In attendance were current students as well as many of the numerous ILM alumni who are actively involved in parish ministry at Saint Elizabeth Parish. There was amazing energy and encouragement being shared among these many workers in the Vineyard of the Lord. The Institute has been forming ministerial leaders in the Diocese of San Jose since 1997.


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