Rise! 2015 – Youth Purity Conference

Rise! 2015 – Youth Purity Conference



By Leanne Ruperto

Santa Clara, CA – In response to the strong tide which is pushing our youth to adopt a fleeting mentality of love and life with the mantra “YOLO!” (You Only Live Once!), organizers in the South Bay will host a chastity conference at Our Lady of Peace Church on November 14–free with registration. “I ask you…to swim against the tide…to rise against this culture that sees everything as temporary…that believes you are incapable of true love,” said Pope Francis at the 30th World Youth Day. Inspired with our Holy Father’s words, the organizers have entitled the chastity conference “RISE!”

Internationally renowned Catholic speakers Jackie Francois and Matt Fradd will inspire our youth to find their true happiness and fulfillment in living pure lives for God. Both Jackie and Matt have years of experience speaking about this topic of chastity and purity to youth audiences. Our teens will be inspired to live out Christ’s teaching on human sexuality, and undoubtedly enjoy the sounds of Jackie’s musicianship and Matt’s Australian accent.

Some of the talks will address boys and girls separately in order to delve into the topics of true masculinity and femininity. “Beautiful women in the world aren’t supermodels but saints,” Jackie writes, expounding on the idea of beauty girl-to-girl. Speaking to the boys, Matt will discuss what it means to be a man and how to overcome the many struggles young men face in today’s culture, such as pornography.

Not only will the youth be fed in mind and body (lunch is provided), they will have the opportunity to purify their hearts through confession and nourish their souls with Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. “The actual effect of the Eucharist is the transformation of man into God,” according to St. Thomas Aquinas. As the essence of God is love and purity, the combined effect of an estimated 500 youth who will not only learn about love and purity, but receive love and purity itself has the potential to respond to Pope Francis’ challenge. Together, they will not only swim against the tide, but can reverse the forceful current of transient and immoral maxims of modern culture to one of truth, beauty, and goodness empowered by this conference.

Besides this powerful experience for youth which will begin at 8:30a.m. on November 14, the conference also has an event for parents, catechists and young adults. The night before on November 13, at 7p.m., Jackie and Matt will each give an hour-long talk to parents and catechists regarding the reality in which the youth live and how to practically and successfully influence them for the better. Then, Saturday night, after the youth conference, Jackie and Matt will join the young adults on a special Theology on Tap Session, starting at 5p.m. Throughout the conference, attendees will have opportunities to meet and greet Jackie and Matt.

Our youth are our future, let us encourage our young people to attend events like this, so they can learn the fundamental truths of human love and in it see the foreshadowing of the love that awaits us in heaven.

For more information about the RISE! 2015 Conference, please visit:

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